A Complete Guide to Website Homepage Design

26, Feb, 2024 | Education

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By Izzy Hosking

Founder & Lead designer at Belle Creative

With an empowered outlook (and a belief that every brand founder is capable of unbridled success) and generous intention, Izzy is a master at turning your big ideas into an effective, harmonious and luxury website design.

How to create a Website homepage design that converts

Beginning the process of designing your website can be pretty overwhelming, right? Quite often we’re full of so many ideas and information we need to include on our website homepage design that we forget about streamlining the user journey and directing them where they need to go next.

As a website design studio, we like to approach websites from a perspective of ‘pretty, but with a purpose’. This means that we want the sites we design to look beautiful and provide a great experience for the user as they navigate through the site whilst also guiding them through this experience with every click, scroll and interaction, ultimately getting more sales and making you more money!

Every website is different, and there really isn’t a one-size fits all formula for the best performing website, but today we’re digging into the most important part, the website homepage design!

01 / – The Navigation Bar

Although the navigation bar should be visible on every page of your website and isn’t necessarily limited to the homepage, we still wanted to include it in this guide since it plays a huge part in your website homepage design.


Let’s start with an obvious one! Your business logo should be visible within the navigation bar, it’s a core part of your brand’s identity and helps with the recognition of your brand along with fonts and colours. Users will also expect the logo to link back to the homepage, so make sure you double check this!


This is one area of website design that we see misused the most. Your menu should be well organised and contain no more than 7-8 primary links (if you have any more pages, you may want to consider adding them as a dropdown or in a secondary menu). Mega menus are extremely helpful if you have an ecommerce site with lots of different categories, for example. Here’s one that we designed for the By Allure Touches Shopify site!

Mega menu example – www.byalluretouches.co.uk (website by Belle Creative)

We also recommend including a button in your menu (like the one in the top right of our website that you’re reading this on right now!) that directs the user towards the main purpose of your website – that might be submitting an enquiry form or signing up to a free trial, really think about it!

02 / Above the fold

Above the fold refers to the part of a website page that is immediately visible once the page has loaded before scrolling including the navigation bar. This section of the homepage is without a doubt the most important because users spend the most time here – 57% of their time, in fact 👀

You need your above the fold section to answer the following questions:

What: What do you sell or do?

Who: Who you sell or do it for – i.e your target audience

How: How it helps them or impacts their life

This is what will let users know that they’re in the right place and encourage them to scroll down the page. 

You’ll also want to make sure that you ask them to take action right away, so that even if they don’t scroll you minimise the risk of them just clicking off the site because they weren’t sure where to go next. We do this by identifying the path your users need to take in order for them to convert. Their first shop might be to read up on your services, learn more about you or shop your collection so make sure you include a clear button which states this (in the web design world we call this a call to action or CTA for short!)

website homepage design for Belle Creative client Facelab London

Above the fold example – www.facelab-london.co.uk (website by Belle Creative)

03 / Give them what they came for

Your website visitors will typically have a primary goal in mind when they visit your website, whether that’s information about your service, to shop your products or to explore your portfolio. It’s important that you prioritise visitors’ needs on your website in order to move them through the conversion funnel. So, the third section of your website homepage design is going to be all about giving your users what they came for!

So, if you’re a service based business, you may want to list 2-4 of your main services here with a short summary of what each one is about and add a button linking to your services page(s). Or if you’re a product-based business then we’d recommend showing a small selection of your best-selling products which your visitors will most likely love too! Make sure you add an add to cart button here so users can quickly shop without needing to click on the product details page.

04 / Social proof

After showing them a bit more about what your business offers, your website visitor may be one of two things:

  1. Ready to buy from you / take action
  2. Hesitant because they aren’t sure yet

If it’s the former scenario then great! But, if they still need to see more to help them trust your business is worth it then this section will build trust and show your value. This could be some portfolio pieces, testimonials, before/afters, press features or simply offering a deeper insight as to why you’re the best solution to the problem they have come here to solve.

Make sure you include a CTA to shop / enquire about working with you.

05 / Behind the brand

People buy from businesses whose values align with their own, so this is a great opportunity to introduce the real people behind the brand OR to explain why your business exists, depending on whether you’re a small business, personal brand or a larger corporation. 

We recommend including a picture of the founder here and a couple of paragraphs about why they started this business.

Always remember W.I.I.F.M – What’s In It For Me? I.e. we don’t want to hear about your love of coffee (unless you sell coffee of course ☕️), what problem did you identify in the world? Why did you feel compelled to solve it? Think about the user and how this will help them relate to you – they have probably experienced the same problem before!

website homepage design

Belle Creative website homepage design

06 / One final push

If your visitor reaches this far, chances are that they haven’t yet found what they’re actually looking for. You never want to leave a dead end, so we like to round up the homepage by leaving one final CTA for them to follow you on social media, download a freebie or sign up to your newsletter before they leave your website. That way, they can stay in the loop and they might be back at some other time!

Website homepage design doesn’t need to be complicated

As long as you guide your users through every interaction, give them what they came for and don’t leave them with any dead ends you’re bound to have a homepage that addresses their every need.

If we’ve got you thinking about a strategic website for your business, then take a look at our services page to find out what we can create for you.


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