Is Squarespace your website’s limiting factor?

5, Apr, 2023 | Education, Website Design

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By Izzy Hosking

Founder & Lead designer at Belle Creative

With an empowered outlook (and a belief that every brand founder is capable of unbridled success) and generous intention, Izzy is a master at turning your big ideas into an effective, harmonious and luxury website design.

How the benefits of WordPress will drive your visibility and scalability.

Websites need to be built with safety, longevity and scalability in mind. Scroll-stopping images which stretch from header to footer may grab the attention of your audience, but being noticed is not the same as being truly seen, considered and chosen. When it comes to the Squarespace versus WordPress debate, we opt for the capability and sophistication of a self-hosted WordPress site–every time. With over 43% of websites alive and humming thanks to, we wanted to share with you the benefits of WordPress and how it allows your brand to make an impact (and make it count) over Squarespace.

True ownership of your digital presence

Every week a new headline hits the tabloids: TikTok bans are impending, Instagram cuts off thousands of thriving accounts and YouTube shuns content for seemingly, no reason. We all understand the importance of owning a piece of digital real estate, but building a website through Squarespace doesn’t offer the same level of ownership that WordPress does. If Squarespace collapses: so does your website. The benefits of self-hosted WordPress? It opens the door to a myriad of long-standing, trusted website hosts. In fact, our favourite, SiteGround, has been keeping websites live and thriving for over 19 years. Building through WordPress also allows you to have your own server which means more predictability and security for your business.

WordPress or Squarespace for SEO? The sophisticated alternative.

WordPress offers you complete control over your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). As complex and frustrating as it may seem, having a website brimming with incredible content is nothing if Google cannot index each page. WordPress gives you access to a plethora of plugins such as Yoast, a content optimisation tool, and rich snippet plugins to outperform your competitors. Both of which improve your organic search ranking. Along with these search-engine loving plugins, you’ll also have access to SEO-friendly website themes that far outperform the basic plug-and-play options synonymous with Squarespace.

Plugins to perform, scale & personalise

Boasting 60,000+ free plugins and an extensive list of premium, third-party plugins, WordPress is like an app store at your website’s fingertips. When scalability is a factor in upgrading your website, hosts such as Squarespace limit user functionality. The ability of your website to grow, evolve and meet the ever-changing needs of your clients is limited to what the developers at Squarespace dream up next. And that can translate to poor experiences, clunky processes and frustrating roadblocks. Since WordPress is open source, developers are constantly creating thousands of innovative, new plugins to meet the needs and demands of thousands of different business models and industries.

A thriving community of developers

At the time of writing this, Squarespace employs just 285 people to service, troubleshoot and assist nearly 3 million live websites. That’s a helpdesk portfolio of over 10,000+ websites, per single person. On the flip side, one on one support for plugins, themes, SEO and more, is available directly from WordPress developers who make it their full time job to create agile web solutions. The WordPress community itself is incredible with any single Google search returning thousands of results, thriving forums and hands-on support to make the most out of your website presence.

The free cherry on top

We’re not typically advocates for the cheaper alternative, but in the instance of WordPress, it is a free platform. As opposed to footing a monthly Squarespace fee, any investment into your WordPress site goes directly into improving your overall client experience. Whether that is through secure hosting, intuitive web themes or even paid plugins: you have complete control over meeting the needs of your clients in a personalised, truly impactful way.

We know your website is invaluable online real estate. And if there’s anything we’ve learnt over the last six years? The possibilities with WordPress are endless.


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