5 sustainably good branding secrets from 5 sustainable brands

6, May, 2023 | Brand Advice, Inspiration

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By Izzy Hosking

Founder & Lead designer at Belle Creative

With an empowered outlook (and a belief that every brand founder is capable of unbridled success) and generous intention, Izzy is a master at turning your big ideas into an effective, harmonious and luxury website design.

It’s simply sustainable branding design

Who better to learn the juiciest branding secrets from, than a handful of thriving sustainable brands themselves? We’ve tasked ourselves with unpacking what it means to achieve sustainable branding design and how this can be threaded throughout every aspect of your business to create a truly remarkable experience for your dream client.

Embodying the Aesop lifestyle

In a flooded personal care market, it pays to get inside the head of your dream client or customer. Because as you develop a deeper understanding of who you’re selling to, you can curate a truly immersive lifestyle. Just as Aesop has done. Appealing to their audiences’ appetite for art, design, architecture and refined minimalism, Aesop have created an irresistible sensory experience with luxury packaging and premium products, through to calm and elegant boutiques that make use of the urban jungle aesthetic. 

Our takeaway: Remain passionate about embodying your values across all touchpoints (physical and digital) to create an immersive client experience. 

Luxury spares no expense with Nette

Luxury and sustainability can coexist side by side and candle brand, Nette, is an ambitious example. Focusing on clean ingredients, Nette blend sustainable practices (like outer packaging crafted from recycled shoeboxes) with luxurious materials (no expense was spared in the quest to find a factory in Italy that would custom design and blow every vessel by hand) to offer consumers a slower, more considerate offering with no detail spared. 

Our takeaway: Pay attention to every detail just as Nette have done: from the wall thickness and angle of their candle vessels and characteristics of each fragrance, through to the unboxing experience itself. 

Get Fussy about your values, then shout about them

Having a deep understanding of your sustainability values gives you the power to thread them through every aspect of your brand. Fussy boast a charming, informal and unpretentious aesthetic, opting for the very legible and stoic Franklin Gothic font, with the more characterful and youthful Amen Display Italic. The contrast of a serious message, partnered with a playful, modern and very urgent call to action, helps to amplify their core message: spread the sustainability word.

Our takeaway: Fussy creatively use stickers with unique messages throughout their packaging to highlight their sentiment of ’spreading the word’, but their well-developed values and position on sustainability means this playfulness doesn’t dilute their wider purpose.

Relatability first, product second with Cool is a Construct

To the naked eye, Cool is a Construct offers Parisian-inspired clothing that is slowly designed and ethically made in New York from deadstock fabric. But beneath the dreamy fabric of this slow fashion brand, is a relatable message: you don’t have to follow typical ‘it girl’ fashion trends, because cool is simply a societal construct. Customers with shared values instantly feel seen and heard. 

Our takeaway: Your product becomes irrelevant when you craft a brand identity built on community and shared values. Rather than constructing a sale, focus on sharing a higher purpose for your brand.

True to form? Not for Form Nutrition

Brands in the protein space are carbon copies of one another, until Form Nutrition dared to be different, offering consumers a breath of fresh, nourishing air. A multifaceted approach to developing a nutritious protein alternative that focussed on nourishing your whole self: mind, body and soul. Minimal copy, expansive natural landscape imagery and minimalist packaging create an oasis in an overstimulated market. 

Our takeaway: Elevate the everyday experience for your consumer, even if it pushes the boundaries of what everyone else is doing. Keeping genuinity at the core of your ambitions will allow you to build a truly sustainable brand.

Curious about the nuances of sustainable branding design and how you can apply these techniques to your own business? Discover new possibilities with Belle Creative.


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