Hiring a web designer that gets you in 6 simple steps

15, Jun, 2023 | Website Design

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By Izzy Hosking

Founder & Lead designer at Belle Creative

With an empowered outlook (and a belief that every brand founder is capable of unbridled success) and generous intention, Izzy is a master at turning your big ideas into an effective, harmonious and luxury website design.

Hiring a web designer can be nerve-wracking

We want what’s best for every beauty and lifestyle brand and creative entrepreneur: which is why we know Belle Creative won’t be the perfect fit for every brand. So, to ensure you know how to choose a web designer who is just as ambitious and results-driven as you are, here’s our 6 simple steps to choosing a web designer or branding expert that gets you.

1. Separate the must-haves from the nice-to-haves

First and foremost, you’re going to have to decide what elements of your branding or website are must-haves, relevant to your budget and/or project timeline. This will affect the designer you choose to work with. 

At Belle Creative, we recommend investing in an intentional, strategic colour palette (a considered colour palette will affect how your dream clients feel about your brand and their subsequent purchasing behaviour), typography that reinforces the brand’s identity and a unique logo and wordmark. From here, you can strengthen your brand’s positioning with other design elements such as submarks, business cards, print collateral designs, additional website pages and so forth.

2. What are your goals and what do they mean to you?

The outcome of a web project is heavily reliant on your initial goals and aspirations. Every business is going to have different objectives based on how long they’ve been in business, how old the business is, income, positioning, the current market and future growth opportunities. For example, hiring a web designer that specialises in large ecommerce platforms for financiers means they may not relate to your aspirations as a freelance business coach. This can create a disconnect when it comes to bringing your ideas to life.

3. Choosing a web designer means talking money

Most full service design studios will offer flexible payment plans at no extra cost, however you’ll need to have a clear budget in mind before choosing your web designer. To have the most impact, you’ll need to be up front about how much you can invest and communicate your must-haves to ensure your designer can recommend a project scope that meets your goals and expectations.

4. Strategy and visual identity

When hiring a web designer or branding expert, evaluate their services and packages carefully. Choosing a brand designer who offers low cost, logo-only packages will probably be skipping valuable research, market positioning and strategy crucial to brand design. A designer which considers both strategy and visual identity will take into account your brand’s challenges, the problem it solves within your industry, functional and emotional benefits, who your dream client is and what your competitors are doing to create a robust, ambitious identity.

5. Make sure their style matches yours

Make sure there is an alignment between the designer’s portfolio and the style of work you are hoping to achieve. Here at Belle Creative, we design brands which are clean, elevated and stylish–so we wouldn’t take on a client who is after something bright, bold and edgy. We simply wouldn’t be the right fit!

6. Personalities align

Finally (albeit the most important element of how to choose a brand designer), book a call to have a chat with prospective designers. Choosing a website and brand designer who you feel at ease with means you’ll feel comfortable providing feedback, asking questions and collaborating on the project. Find someone who mirrors your passion: the results will speak for themselves


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