Cult faves: The strategy behind their success

28, Jun, 2023 | Brand Advice

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By Izzy Hosking

Founder & Lead designer at Belle Creative

With an empowered outlook (and a belief that every brand founder is capable of unbridled success) and generous intention, Izzy is a master at turning your big ideas into an effective, harmonious and luxury website design.

An analysis from your leading website design agency UK

As product branding experts (who actually have the client outcomes to prove it), we love nothing more than a deep dive into what makes the big brands tick. And being one of the leading website design agency UK, sharing the latest big brand insights, strategy breakdowns and branding trends is both a favourite, and valuable pastime. Here we unpack some of the UK’s most well-known brands and what makes them so successful.

IKEA is homely genius

IKEA is a stickler for consistency. From advertising materials through to social media posts, marketing collateral and everything in between, IKEA is instantly recognisable. Their colour palette is loud, offset by their eclectic range of Swedish-inspired products that mix and match to suit a customer’s unique style and living needs. It’s the perfect balance of affordability meets reusable durability. A brand for the everyday connoisseur where product quality sits across the table from paying your latest electricity bill–IKEA isn’t quite luxury, but then again, they don’t claim to be. They also appeal to their customer’s vision with showroom-style shops that transport you directly into your dream living room: crumbs, carpet and all. A truly ingenious concept that earned Belle Creative’s tick of approval.

Coca Cola: A product branding expert’s field day

Coca Cola remains a product branding expert’s field day. Firmly experience-centric, Coca Cola have built a robust multi-sensory brand identity: the eternal summer. Remaining consistently relevant to their global audience and brand ambassadors, the overarching values and positioning of Coca Cola has allowed them to maintain their monopoly. Parallel to this, their marketing campaigns are simplistic, memorable and heavy on the emotional feeling, an appeal as refreshing and inviting as the beverage itself.

Glossier’s A-list branding strategy

Slick, shimmering and exceptionally sexy, Glossier have focussed on cultivating a ‘ride or die’ community of fans, endorsed by their quality formulations and A-list ambassadors. Rising to the top is no coincidence though: Glossier knows who they’re talking to better than anyone else and a deep understanding of their dream client has translated into an entrepreneurial approach to marketing. Treating each and every one of their devoted customers like an Influencer is revolutionary and has ensured a customer journey that feels as elevated and gorgeous as their packaging, socials, campaigns, advertising, website… Need we go on?

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